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Strap Elegance  

Colors: Black and White

Product Description

Elegant jewel studded bra straps will turn any bra instantly into an accessory for any occasion. Don’t be forced to sacrifice support because your straps can’t show- with Strap Elegance, now they can. Transform regular into the fashionable with perfect ease. Turn any plain dress into formal wear. Use it for added elegance, as an accessory or just for something different. Comes in 2 styles.

Style#BR99953 Jewel Studded Single Strap: Joined in the back by a line of jewels, this strap connects to your bra in place of your existing straps and creates a criss -cross against your back with the jewels in the center. Available colors - Black & White.

Style#BR88850 Jewel Studded 2 Straps: Two jewel studded straps to substitute your existing bra straps.

Strap Elegance
Single Strap
Double Straps

Style#MNS-TT0001-DD Rhinestone Straps: Two strings of rhinestone straps to wear with any strapless bra with stretch at each end to provide added comfort during movement. Each strap consists of a delicate string of princess cut rhinestones to dress up any look. Available Colors - Black & White.

Style#MNS-TT0002-D Beaded Halter Straps: Two straps with wooden accent beads to wear with any strapless bra in a halter style with straps tied behind the neck. Beads can also be placed at the end of the straps to hang down the back or moved to be seen on the front.